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CCU 47 – Season 2 Episode 3

Your co-host, Joe, discusses Family of Rogues, and shares some history of the Flash family from the comics.

(Beware, possible comic-book spoilers below!)

All In The Family

That gushing sound you heard? That was me gushing about this week’s episode of The Flash. “Family of Rogues” dealt with things I love: intense relationship dynamics, in-depth character studies, and of course…The Rogues! Sure, we only saw Capt. Cold and Golden Glider (tho’ Heat Wave got a wee mention), but that’s ok, because the real focus was on the poor, damaged, tragic Snart Family.

Again, The Flash tv show does a wonderful job of honoring a Flash comic story, but still making it its own. (COMIC SPOILERS BELOW)

Still there? Ok. Here come the comic spoilers:  In the comic, the Snart family is very similar to what we’ve seen. Lenny and Lisa were very close, often by necessity, for their father was a violent drunk of an ex-cop with some criminal tendencies. Their only solace was their Grandfather, who sold ice cream out of one of those cute trucks. He’d often take the kids from his troubled son and travel the town, doing his best to see them happy. Lenny finally cut out to enjoy the life of a petty criminal, tearfully leaving Lisa behind. Eventually, Lisa also escaped the dangerous Snart household, following in her father’s footsteps. (MORE spoilers below. For the comic. Be warned.)

Eventually, Lisa (as Golden Glider) gave a version of Lenny’s cold gun to a henchman named Chillblaine…who straight-up murdered her. Lenny was destroyed, and did what he does…got the deadliest of revenge on Chillblaine. A while later, the villainous Libra tried to use Snart Sr. in an attempt to coerce Lenny into working for him, not realizing how little Capt. Cold cared for his father’s life. While he found himself unable to to pull the trigger himself, he asked his good friend/frequent frustration Heat Wave to incinerate Lewis, which Heat Wave did with great relish.

Here endeth the tale of the Snarts. Tragic and troubled, but rooted deeply in one brother’s love for his sister.

What do YOU think of The Flash so far this season?  Join us for next week’s discussion, and share your thoughts!  You can always send in your feedback here!

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