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CCU 46 – Season 2 Episode 2

Some thoughts on FLASH OF TWO WORLDS, and our CCU Community, from one of your co-hosts, Joe!

The Future Is Now!

So today, while recording our beloved CCU podcast,Tony and I did something altogether new for us. We live-streamed our session on Blab. I admit to being a bit camera-shy. Despite making a living in theatre, I prefer to lurk in the back of the audience rather than onstage. I often say “I’m like Bigfoot: rarely captured on film.” So it was with some trepidation that I agreed to be part of this live event. So we sat down, chatted for a bit, and turned on the camera.

Guess what? It was fantastic fun! Tony and I have known each other for many years, so it’s easy to be comfortable around him. But what I hadn’t really thought about was the running messages from the CCU fans. That’s what made it for me. I deeply love being part of this community, and today, it felt like you were there with us. You were insightful, excited, and often hilarious.

That’s probably the thing I love most about the CCU Community. (The CCUC?) You guys are as much a part of this as Tony and I, and it warmed my autumnal heart to invite you into the Flash Cave (Title pending Tony’s approval). We plan on doing this again, the Live-On-Blab thing, and we truly hope you’ll join us.   -Joe

Also, for fun – here’s some info about the ORIGINAL “Flash of Two Worlds”, the comic, and the iconic cover that they reproduced onscreen in this week’s episode! Check it out!

Flash_v1_123                             flash_202_feat

Last note – don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook.  Next week, the deadline for feedback is 12 Noon EST on WEDNESDAY October 21, and our Blab Livestream will be at 1pm EST that same day.  (Short turnaround time for feedback, but one of us is on a plane Thursday, so podcasting from there just won’t work!)  We’ll post the Blab link on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a good week, Underground!

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