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CCU 45 – S2 E1

Joe Zettelmaier shares some thoughts about the start of Season 2!

Back like a (Capt.) Boomerang

We’re back, baby!

I honestly can’t recall the last time I was this excited for a show to return. Last week, I got The Flash, Season 1 DVDs (No Blu-Rays in this house!) Over the course of a week, I watched every episode I could whenever I could. As I hoped, when one knows how the season ends, one can catch all the little clues that were leading us there. I admit, I was watching Harrison Wells with a close eye, and suddenly his every line had another layer. And once again, I watched the near-perfectly-assembled story wrap itself up in a way that felt completely organic and emotionally satisfying.

And then, I started to guess what was coming next.

Oh, the theories I had. Some I’ll discuss in the podcast. Others I’ll keep hidden forever because they were beyond ridiculous. But what actually ended up happening in The Man Who Saved Central City? Yeah, did not see it coming. Did I have quibbles with a few things? Sure. You can hear me rant in the podcast. But the quibbles are small in comparison to how much of the stuff I loved.
Lots of shocks and surprises, and even a couple emotional gut-punches.

But the real joy? Retreating back to the podcast cave and laughing my (deleted) off with my partner-in-crime, The Director. We both love running this crazy race called CCU, and I promise you this: The near-constant laughter coming from me? That’s all because of Tony. So thanks for letting us back into your…well, whatever audio devices you use to listen to CCU. It feels so good to be back. Back like a boomerang. Back like a CAPTAIN Boomerang.


So what did YOU think of The Man Who Saved Central City? Let us know! And next week, we are recording at 1pm EST on Thursday the 15th of October, so get your feedback in before Noon on that day! You can leave feedback here, at the Feedback Page!

Also, we will be posting links on our Facebook page and our Twitter to the Blab livestream of our recording session on the 15th, so check join us for that. Should be fun!


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