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Some Thoughts From Joe on the Season Finale, Fast Enough.

Until we Flash again…

I’m not going to go into depths on the season finale, Fast Enough. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve seen the episode. And if you haven’t, why spoil anything? I think most if not all of us are in agreement that the finale absolutely delivered. Since this will be my last blog til season two, I decided to look back at some favorite moments.

Tony and I were asked to take over Central City Underground in the middle of the season. We were thrilled and honored to do so, and fortunately we were both already big fans of the show and hadn’t missed an ep. As I look back at the glory that was The Flash, Season 1, here are a few moments that stuck out to me as worth recalling.

1) Harrobard Thawnells (that’s my name for him now) murders Simon Stagg. I bring this one up because it was the first big “WHAT THE?!” of the series for me. Not only was I shocked that they killed off a major character in the comics, but we also learned that Wells was perhaps not on the side of the angels. Oh, and THAT HE WASN’T PARALYZED!

2) The Man in the Yellow Suit (Ep. 9): That was the first ep that had me on the edge of my seat. The definite return of the Reverse-Flash, the trap, the big reveal of the man behind the mask. We all had our theories as to who that man was, and we found our answer.

3) The Nuclear Man (ep. 13). Wow. Firestorm was everything I’d hoped he would be. I was so enamored of the chemistry between Victor Garber and Robbie Amell that I was and still am rooting for them to get their own show. (Legends of Tomorrow?)

4) Confirmation of time travel in Out of Time: Not only did I love the introduction of Weather Wizard, but that was the game-changing ep. We first hear the name Eobard Thawne. Cisco dies. Barry confesses his identity and feelings to Iris. AAAAAAAAND then none of it actually happens.

5) The Trickster. Obviously. Because Mark Hamill. Because it was a great episode and I cannot wait for them to bring James Jesse back.

6) Grodd. Grodd Grodd Grodd Grodd Grodd. We only got a taste of what I bet our favorite psychic super-ape is capable of. Season 2, please bring us a smarter, more dangerous Grodd.

7) Tom Cavanagh, just in general. There’s not a person on the show that I don’t love, but for me, Tom Cavanagh was what made it. Rarely have I seen a villain I invested in more. His spot on comic timing, his icy delivery, everything was incredibly nuanced and chilling, yet oddly heart-breaking. How did I find myself wishing poor old Eobard could just go home? Despite all the terrible things he did…I still wanted a happy ending for Thawne. Until I remembered that he was a monster. Cannot wait to see how Tom will return to the show next season (tho’ I have a theory…)

So that’s it for Joey Shakespeare this season. It’s been an unparalleled joy to be part of this podcast, and I’ll see you in an alternate timeline. Or in October. Whichever comes first.

This has been a fantastic season, everyone! Remember to join us on the Facebook page, on Twitter and at Golden Spiral Media for terrific Flash discussion!

ALSO – check out all of the other wonderful Podcasts at Golden Spiral Media!

And, just for fun – here’s a picture of the autograph my son got from John Wesley Shipp! :)


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