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Thoughts from Joe about Rogue Air!

The Good,The Bad, And Somebody Lock The Door

I admit that while I enjoyed this week’s episode (Rouge Air), it didn’t wow me the way I wanted it to. To me, it felt like two incomplete episodes jammed into one. But upon second viewing, I began to pick up a thread, a theme, something.

Flash teams up w/ Capt. Cold. Across the nation, you could hear fans all over rolling their eyes. When his inevitable betrayal reared its head, exactly no one was surprised. The Flash did what the Flash does…he trusted, he wanted to see the best, to hope. But he’s still very early in his heroic career, and his trust proves ill-placed. Cold exhibits a classic trait of villains; he’s in it only for himself, and couldn’t care less if his actions hurt others. And hurt others, they do. Out of this, Barry learns a lesson.

And he uses what he learns very quickly. Barry teams up w/ another group almost immediately, but he’s learned that you have to be careful who you pick. He’s fought beside Green Arrow (he’ll always/only be Green Arrow to me) plenty of times, so he knows Oliver won’t betray him. And he’s seen first-hand the noble side of Firestorm. Notice that when Barry has the right people at his side, things turn out very differently.

So here endeth the lesson. Super heroes can’t go it alone, but when they step out of the solo spotlight, they better be sure their co-stars are on their side. And for the love of all things holy, please lock the door. Not locking the door is how you get Capt. Colds.

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