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Episode 20 of THE FLASH, The Trap, brought together a whole bunch of the threads the writers have been weaving all season into one amazing tapestry of revelations, questions and jaw-dropping moments. (And a couple of moments that left people scratching their heads! One of your hosts liked the Barry/Iris “spark moment”, one didn’t – what did YOU think?)

Here are some thoughts from Joe about The Flash so far this season:

I grew up a child of Marvel Comics. X-Men, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider…these were the comics of my youth. I didn’t even start to actively read DC until my early 20s, with Starman (an INCREDIBLE book), which led me to JSA. JSA was eventually taken over by a fellow named Geoff Johns, and that’s what led me to the Flash. But my experience with DC comics is dwarfed by Tony’s.

I will say this…I loved the old 1990s Batman and Superman cartoons. One thing both those shows got totally right is something I wish more of DC TV got right…Tone. I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like Arrow, and BOY did I not like Man of Steel. Why? Because as I read more and more DC Comics (Tony got me into JLA) and I learned who these characters were, and what their worlds were like. The cartoons knew that these character were icons, with us for many decades. They made the stories their own (something I applaud), BUT they kept the tone, style, feeling, etc…of the characters true to the source.

Part of why I love the Flash is this: These stories are not really the stories I read with such enjoyment, but these are 100% those characters. There’s a sense of great love, of family, and joy in this show that perfectly mirrors the Central and Keystone Cities I remember so well. In last week’s podcast, I called Arrow “Green Batman.” That’s my problem w/ the show, and with Zack Snyder’s take on Superman. The DC Universe already has a Batman, and he’s awesome. But when you try to shoehorn the Bat-Style onto other heroes…well, it takes something special away from Bats and dilutes what was already special about the characters.

I know not everyone will agree with me, and that’s ok. I wanted to give this “voice” because the more I watch The Flash, the clearer it is to me how much the creators love the source material. I raise my glass to them.

With only 3 episodes left, this show continues to careen forward, dragging us along at breakneck speed – Join us this week as we discuss our reactions, and all of your wonderful feedback, to The Trap!

Send your feedback to us at 304-837-2278!

ALSO: If you’re up for watching a trailer for next week that’s a little bit spoilery, check this out!


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