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Here we are, at episode 19 of FLASH, Season One! Everyman gives the team a challenge this week, and we set the table for some exciting things to come in the final four episodes of the season! Our heroes edge closer to answering the big question: “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

Now that our team all know about the secret room, and the buried corpse of Harrison Wells, how will things shake out? Join us as we discuss Joe and Cisco and their trip to Starling City, as well as the adventures of Barry and the gang as they battle their shapeshifting foe. With all of the pieces being moved into place for an epic final battle, this episode gave us some laughs, some gasps, a couple of face-palms, and left us with a whole lot of anticipation for what comes next!

Also, Joe steals Tony’s episode rating, the computer eats the file and the whole episode needs to be re-edited, and we try our hand at Skyping again. It’s another crazy week at CCU Headquarters AND at Star Labs while we all ponder…. WHO IS HARRISON WELLS?

As always – send in your feedback to the Golden Spiral Media Hotline at 304-837-2278, or visit us at The Feedback Page!

For more info on the original Everyman, as discussed in the podcast, Click Here!


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