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Time Keeps On Slippin': Joe’s Thoughts on “Rogue Time”

Time travel. The bane of McFlys and writers alike. It’s an element that, once introduced, irrevocably changes the nature of whatever it’s introduced to. Things get “Timey-wimey.” But time travel is also a long-established fact in the Flash comics, so it was only a matter of time (heh) before it appeared on the show. It was an even riskier choice to incorporate it after the emotional/plot-reavealing wallop of last week’s episode. Good men died, love was confirmed, and secret identities were revealed. And then, in one rapid race around the city, all that was erased. Or was it?

What this week’s episode, Rogue Time, did, and I for one love, is allow the audience to be ahead of our characters. We know who Dr. Wells is, but Barry doesn’t. We know what he went back in time for, but Barry doesn’t. Heck, we even know how Iris really feels about about our unlucky-in-love hero, but Iris hasn’t figured it out yet! I think this is a wonderfully bold choice by the writers. Now its not just about figuring out mysteries, but reverse-engineering them, and waiting to see how our heroes will figure it all out.

C’mon, cosmic treadmill….

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