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Welcome, citizens of Central City (and perhaps it’s neighbor/twin, Keystone City!)

Before we launch into discussion of Peekaboo, and her adventures with Flash, let’s do some introductions:

Who on earth am I, might you ask? Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Joe Zettelmaier and, along with the talented Tony Caselli (aka The Director), I’m one of your new co-hosts for Central City Underground. The Shadow and Miss Ice may have gone on the run, but Tony and I will guide you through the twisting alleys of the city.

Tony and I are Michiganders, professional theatre artists and educators, and long-time fans of The Flash. Tony’s been an avid follower of the JLA for almost as long as he’s been on this planet. Me…well, I admit. I grew up as more of a Marvel guy myself. BUT during Geoff John’s run of the Flash, I was working at a bookstore. I remember seeing a cover of the Flash featuring the first really scary pic of Gorilla Grodd I’d ever seen. I figured I’d leaf through it. One read later, and I was hooked. I followed John’s run through its entirety. I have since bought all of that run’s graphic novels.

I’m a playwright by trade (cue laughter). I tend to gravitate to well-drawn characters more than anything. That’s what captured me, when it came to The Flash. For the first time, I saw a hero (Wally West rather than our pal Barry at this point) who was a real human dealing with real problems. But what really sold me was John’s take on the Rogues. Never had I seen inside the minds of Capt. Cold or The Trickster or Mirror Master. Each one was so…human. Yes, they were all sociopathic and damaged, but they’d all suffered horrible losses too. They found a new family in a group of villains, like-minded outcasts. Seriously, do yourself a favor and read the Geoff John’s Flash. You will not regret it.

So this blog is meant as an introduction. Tony and I were BEYOND thrilled to be asked to take the reins of CCU. We’ve both been following The Flash since episode 1, and love it to pieces. Hope you’ll join us on our light-speed race around the interwebs!

Oh, PS: For a fun look at Peekaboo’s original costume and backstory, which we discuss in the podcast, check THIS out!

And PPS: As always, leave us some Feedback at the Hotline: 304-837-2278. We want to hear what you think!


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