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“Tony” and “Joe” take over for The Shadow and Miss Ice this episode. After the raid they were the subject of, they might be … tied up for a bit. (And if you can come up with better “underground” names for us, let us know in the comments. We’re desperate.)

Captain Cold teams up with Heatwave this week, as the rogues gallery begins to take shape in “Revenge of the Rogues”. Barry has no time for them as he tries to work up his speed to be as fast as Reverse Flash (or perhaps to become Reverse Flash…hmmm). But fire and ice do manage to get his attention.

Barry’s goal is to get them to “cross the streams”, and we were waiting for the Ghostbusters mention, rather than leave it as a homage. But Cisco was definitely ready for that. Thanks, Cisco, we knew we could count on you.

Overall, this was a great setup episode for the back half of the season. Let us know what you thought!


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