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Hello to all listeners of the Underground. An arresting development has occurred within the underground network called Central City Underground. What you are about to hear is a transmission recorded this morning, concerning the leaders of the network. We’re not exactly sure how to describe what happened, but if you’ve been watching the news you’re probably aware of the details.

Until we have time to learn more from Miss Ice and The Shadow, we’ve assigned Tony and Joe to take over weekly transmissions concerning the Central City phenomenon known as The Flash.

If you have any information that might work in the defense our trusted leaders, please call our voicemail at (304) 837-2278 or visit our Hotline page, in which you can leave us a voicemail using your computer or send us an email. Any and all information will be carefully assessed and provided to the proper representatives. Tony and Joe have been instructed to inform listeners of developments in the case as they arise.

Do not fear, loyal listeners! Their mission to bring truth to the folks of Central City will not end like this! Keep your eyes open and tune in each week to hear Tony and Joe discuss new sightings of The Flash! To make sure that you are ready to catch sight of the Scarlet Speedster, make sure you’re pointed at The CW on January 20, 2015 at 8/7C.


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