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Wait, yellow suits?

In this podcast episode, The Shadow and I, Miss Ice, discuss the winter finale (episode 9) of The Flash entitled “The Man in the Yellow Suit”. But I’m asking the question, is there only one yellow suited man? Dr. Wells, if he is a version of Reverse Flash, would have to be pretty dang fast to be both the man in the yellow suit and his wheel-chair bound self, and would have to possess some serious Fight Club talents to beat himself up.

At the end of the episode, Wells goes to his secret room and opens a secret compartment with his secret ring and gazes upon a yellow suit, so my real point isn’t to Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.44.53 PMargue whether Wells is the Reverse Flash running around Central City, but whether his suit is the one used by the new arrival or if it is yet another one altogether. My guess is that it is another one altogether, unless his purpose in being here in Central City is to equip Reverse Flash with the suit.

We talk about a lot of theories that have been swirling around in the wake of this episode. Reverse Flash is Wells from the future (or the past). Reverse Flash is Eddie from the future. Reverse Flash is a descendant of Eddie. There were two Reverse Flashes in this episode. Wow! So many ideas going around. Kelli sent us an email about the scene depicted in the picture here where Eddie faces off with Reverse Flash and mentioned that it kind of looks like Eddie is looking in a mirror. What say you?

For a very long time it really did seem like Dr. Wells had Barry’s best interest at heart, but after this episode, something really shifted about his motivations for helping Barry. There was always something off about him, but his affiliation with the yellow suit just emphasizes the sinister factor. I absolutely love the way Tom Cavanaugh is portraying Harrison Wells. He’s interesting and engaging, appropriately deceitful and cleverly charming.

And how about that Dr. Tina McGee cameo? That was pretty awesome! If you’ve never seen the original Flash tv show from 1990, you can see her in this short clip. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Dr. Tina McGee!

The Flash returns on January 20, but The Shadow and I will be back before then! We are taking a couple weeks off for the holidays, but check back in after the new year to see what we’ve got cooking! Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates.


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