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What’s the scientific word for whammied?

This week on Central City Underground we are joined by Podcast Overlord of Arrow Squad in our discussion of the first part of the two-night crossover Flash vs Arrow event! And boy was there a lot to discuss! We get some nitpicks out of the way before diving head first into the Prizm storyline and Oliver’s contribution to the resolution there.

ccu24_04 There was a lot to enjoy about this episode; punchy humor, great action sequences, and sinister behavior. The Oliver/Barry fight scene was incredibly cool. Sometimes we got to see the whole scene play out at Barry’s speed, sometimes we saw it at Oliver’s speed, but it was cool to see how Oliver’s strategic thinking and well-trained body aided him in subduing Barry just long enough to deliver the rage antidote. Barry’s whammy is going to have a righteous hangover.

Did you catch some of the Arrow shout outs? When Barry miraculously paints the entire side of a building in under 3 seconds, this sign is posted just outside: Central City Homeless Shelter, made possible by Palmer Technologies. And as Barry zipped down the street toward Jitters he went through the Queen intersection (running a red light, I might add!).

ccu24_02 ccu24_05

As far as villains go, Roy G. Bivolo, aka Chromo or Rainbow Raider or Prizm, was pretty dang cool. I was impressed with the CGI used to make his ability really pop. ccu24_03 One of the features we don’t see a lot with animated movies is the reaction the skin could possibly have to the effect of his eyes harnessing rage. As it goes with most Flash villains, I wish we could have seen more about what makes this guy tick, what caused him to become what he’s become. But since he was locked away in the pipeline, there is definitely a chance we will see him again! Especially if there’s another meta loose in STAR Labs and Harrison Wells needs a diversion. It could happen. Again.


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