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What’s better than an episode of The Flash with one villain? Try TWO villains! Two very distinct stories are going on in the seventh episode of The Flash entitled “Power Outage” and as Barry and Wells try to juggle the attack from without by Blackout, Iris, Joe and Eddie must handle the attack from within by The Clock King. The Shadow was pretty disappointed by the use of this villain in the context of this episode, based on the brilliant storyline we got from Arrow’s season 2 episode “Time of Death”, but there was more to make this story enjoyable.

There were a lot of Harrison Wells reveals in this episode and fans (and hosts) are pretty evenly divided over who Wells is in the broader Flash universe. Is he from the future, or can he only see into the future? Did he create The Flash, or is he just eager to take credit? And what theory of time-travel is the show conforming to? We address all of these questions, but probably don’t provide concrete answers because every time we think we know more, the showrunners throw something else at us! Keeps us coming back, right?

A thank-you again to The Wraith who provided us with Rapid Reactions for this week! We needed to lie low…

Next week is the EPIC two-night crossover event: FLASH VS ARROW! You don’t want to miss out. Central City Underground will feature special guest Podcast Overlord from Arrow Squad in next week’s transmission, and then I (Miss Ice) will be heading over to Arrow Squad to guest with The Shadow and Podcast Overlord. We hope you will join us for both!


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