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This is The Wraith, your ally from the Great White North! The Shadow and Miss Ice are busy preparing for their Thanksgiving festivities. But since Thanksgiving here in Canada took place in October I thought I’d step in and do the Rapid Reaction this week. Not to mention I think this will throw the sent off the trail of anybody who is trying to track their transmission when they catch this one coming from Canada. The Shadow and Miss Ice will be bumping up their transmission this week so you need to get your feedback in no later than Wednesday at 5pm EST.Read more…

1) The future remains intact
2) The Clock King
3) Barry wants to talk

Why does Wells want to know how to steal Barry’s powers?

This week Shadow and Miss Ice will record their full-episode discussion on Wednesday evening, so please send in your thoughts, theories and reactions to “Power Outage” by 5pm Eastern Time on Wednesday! Go to our Feedback page ( or and there are 3 ways you can get in touch with us: EMAIL, VOICEMAIL, and AUDIO. What’s the difference between the last two? You can either call our voice feedback line OR you can use the SpeakPipe widget… OR! you can upload an audio file with our handy-dandy submission form!

The regularly scheduled podcast will be released WEDNESDAY evening or Thursday morning! Be sure you’re subscribed in iTunes or Stitcher because there will be plenty to discuss this week and we don’t want you missing out!


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