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Have you ever punched someone and have them respond by saying: “Hurt your hand?” Yeah, that’s definitely where my mind went this week! Barry Allen got his butt handed to him a couple times by his childhood nemesis Tony “Girder” Woodward in The Flash’s 6th episode of season 1 entitled “The Flash Is Born”. Both The Shadow and I found this episode to be a huge improvement over last week’s installment and much more in line with what we’re already starting to expect from the show runners at The Flash.

We cover a lot in this episode… We talk about Harrison Wells and who he might actually be in comic book lore, or who he might not be. Martin aka The Flash called in with a theory about Eddie Thawne and is sticking to his guns about the man actually being Reverse Flash (which I, Miss Ice, happen to agree with). Did anyone else pick up on the weird vibe Eddie was sending out this week?

Other topics of discussion were about the red/yellow streaks that threatened Joe, the slight awkwardness of Barry’s character around Iris, Girder’s story development, and the sonic BOOM he created! Overall, it was a very enjoyable episode and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Next week is a bit shorter week than usual for us here in the U.S. There will be a Rapid Reactions after all next week (special guest star!) and then The Shadow and I will record the full episode discussion on Wednesday afternoon and hopefully have that to you by later that evening. Sooo no excuses! Get your feedback in ASAP on Tuesday night or Wednesday day in order for it to be included on the show!


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