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KABOOM! Yes, this explosive episode made our heads collectively go BOOM! Kelly Frye’s Plastique may have met an abrupt end, but she will be remembered! She is only the first in what is inevitably a long line of subjects General Eiling is seeking out to “make the world a safer place” ((cough))Gorilla Grodd((cough)). But whatever his means are of affecting this change, he’ll have to find a way without Wells because our favorite, mysterious scientist made it absolutely clear that he would have no part in Eiling’s games.

Speaking of Gorilla Grodd… you know, The Shadow and I have laid it out from the beginning that our comic book knowledge is pretty thin. We are fans of TV and love to see the way different mediums are brought to the small screen. And so, we need your help in learning these Easter Eggs that are getting dropped left and right. How do you think Grodd is going to be included in the story? And… was it just me, or was that Boomerang a little front-and-center? Was that an Easter Egg too?

The Shadow and I jump into our discussion with observations of Barry’s newly discovered powers, then talk about Bette Sans Souci, a.k.a. Plastique, and her contribution and purpose to the team at STAR Labs; we talk about the history that might exist between Wells and Eiling and what their feud might mean for the future. And last, but not least, we dive into a bit about Iris’s newfound passion for blogging and the implications that will have on both her friendship with Barry and on her safety.

As always, thank you so much for tuning in. As General Eiling finds it imperative to keep Central City in the dark about the things that are really going on, we realize our job–and Iris’s!–are becoming imperative! Stay safe!


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