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In episode 12 of Central City Underground, we dive into discussions about the second episode of season 1 entitled “Fastest Man Alive.” The Red Streak has been lighting up Central City and there are a couple people who aren’t quite on board with this plan yet, Dr. Snow and Detective West. As much as this episode is a story of Barry Allen adjusting to and learning about his new powers, it is also an exploration into how those around him process it as well.

Discussion Points

  • Theories on Harrison Wells
  • Character development of Barry, Iris, and Team Flash
  • Special effects
  • Barry and Joe West’s relationship
  • The Science behind The Flash’s powers. Check out this article.

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This week we heard some excellent theories on who Harrison Wells might be as well as a couple voicemails on our Underground Hotline! To leave a message on our Underground Hotline, please call 304-837-2278 or visit our feedback page where you will have several different options of getting in touch with us. Keep your eyes open, Central City!


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