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Welcome once again Undergrounders. This week we are presented with an episode called “Lose Yourself”. when Team Flash devises a plan that will allow them to enter the lair of the Thinker, Barry and Ralph butt heads yet again. This time, the heroic duo argue over what methods are considered “crossing the line” when it comes to defeating the Thinker.

We are also introduced to the final Bus meta, Edwin Gauss A.K.A. the Folded Man. They call him the Folded Man because he can create portals to pocket dimensions, much like folding space. Our heroes find Gauss, hippie extraordinaire, and are forced to chase him down at a commune. Once they convince him that he will lose his life if they don’t protect him, he agrees to go to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Meanwhile, Joe, in typical Joe fashion, confronts Harry about his recent behavior. Just as Caitlin is becoming comfortable with her alter-ego Frost, BAM! You got Mechanic Vs West-Allen, Joe vs Samuroid, Dibny vs Dinosaur, and in the end…the Flash vs the Thinker. Don’t lose yourself, we’ve got one whopper of a tale for you this week! This Gingold’s for you!


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