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Welcome back Undergrounders! I hope the down time didn’t Null your senses. DeVoe is still out there planning and thinking. It’s time for team Flash to put in some work and find the next Bus meta. As Barry and Ralph butt heads in philosophies concerning finding them, Barry discovers Ralph’s nonchalant attitude to be more than he can handle. As it so happens, DeVoe and the Mechanic aren’t faring any better. It seems that the Mechanic has discovered DeVoe’s ongoing plan of deception; one in which he has repeatedly drugged and mind wiped her.

Meanwhile, Breacher returns in desperate need of Cisco’s help. Breacher’s vibe blasts no longer work. Gypsy has spoken on many occasions about how smart Cisco is. If anyone can help, it is surely him.

In the midst of all the chaos, the newest Bus meta makes her first appearance in Central City. Her name is Null and she can manipulate gravity. Null is a cold hearted criminal who only cares about what she can steal. And when gravity isn’t a problem, you can steal a lot!

Hey! What are you doing in the Time Vault Harry?!…hmmm.


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