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Hold on to your Speedforce Undergrounders! This week we enter, Flashtime! The powers that be have granted us the episode we didn’t know we needed. Team Flash is called on to stop the eco-terrorist cell known as Eden Core. In the process of subduing Veronica Dale, the face of Eden Core, a nuclear bomb is detonated, and Flash must enter Flashtime. While in Flashtime, Barry enlists the help of fellow speedsters Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick.

With a seemingly impossible task at hand, Barry speeds-up his teammates one by one in order to find a solution. Barry realizes that non-speedsters can last only a few moments in Flashtime. Eventually, even the other Flashes succumb to the stress of moving at such high speeds for so long. Barry, seeing no way out, returns to Iris in despair. From Iris he learns of the quark sphere that was used to bring him out of the speedforce in the beginning of the season. Barry must enter the speedforce and then outrun it to save Central City and everyone he loves. After all is said and done, we are given a scene between Harry and Jesse that is sure to punch you right in the feels.

This episode delivered on every level. It might possible be the best episode this season. The direction was near movie quality and the script pulled at the heart strings. Visually stunning and masterfully executed, “Enter Flashtime” is sure to be a classic. The character development, the speedforce centric storyline, the superbly written dialogue, the lack of the Thinker, and the attention to detail and continuity, all combine to give us a Flash story that will be talked about for a while to come!

“Sometimes you just need to take a break and let the answers come to you.” Well said Iris West-Allen.


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