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The Trial and the Fallout

Welcome to the new year, faithful Undergrounders! Hopefully everyone had great fun during our winter hiatus. Now, we return to Central City where we find Barry Allen on trial for the murder of Professor Clifford Devoe. As Barry Allen tries to remain aloof and detached from his trial and circumstance, Team Flash is tasked with finding a way to prove his innocence. Meanwhile the Thinker and the Mechanic continue to spin lies into courtroom gold as Iris contemplates betraying Barry’s wishes. As Joe develops a plan that just might cross the line, Dibny shows him a dark side to his actions and reveals whats in store if he continues down this path. All this plus the threat of a nuclear Bus-meta!

Too much Law, not enough Order

Barry Allen is put through the ringer as the prosecution shreds any credibility he used to have. It’s any Hero’s nightmare, getting caught leading a double life. In the least you appear suspicious. In this case, you look guilty; guilty of murder. After being found looming over a dead corpse, and being arrested for murder, Barry seems determined to withhold the one piece of evidence that could exonerate him. He is the Flash. The Mechanic and Devoe, now wearing the body of Dominic Lanse, craft a story and give a performance that none can doubt. With a strategy of offering virtually no defence, it doesn’t look good for the Scarlet Speedster!

With great names come terrible powers

With Barry on trial and the rest of the team scrambling to find a way to prove his innocence, now would be the perfect time for the Bus-meta of the week. Introducing Fallout, the worlds most oblivious nuclear human. Without much of a story, personality, or purpose, let’s just say it wasn’t much of a trial for Team Flash to stop this nuclear threat. All they had to do was irradiate an entire alternate Earth!

Power Points

This week we introduce a new segment called Power Points. In Power Points we discuss all things superpower related. We will talk about issues from our favorite uses of powers to the things that just make us facepalm. Let us know if you like what you hear!


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