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In this first transmission of season 1 of The Flash, Miss Ice and The Shadow waste no time in getting down to business. Almost immediately, several questions and Easter eggs are laid down for the future of this show. Barry’s mother was murdered when he was 11 and his father was arrested immediately and convicted for her murder. Now in Iron Heights for 14 years, Barry is still determined to uncover the truth, being the only one who believes in his father’s innocence. He is adamant that there was someone else in the living room with him and his father that fateful morning, a ball of light.

Or…were there two balls of light? The Shadow and Miss Ice are pretty certain they see two distinct blurs, one yellow and one red, very reminiscent of Flashpoint Paradox. And yet, Barry tells the gang at S.T.A.R. Labs that he saw a man inside the light (singular man). The Shadow lays down a great theory that we might wait the whole season, if not multiple seasons, to uncover in its entirety. What is your theory? Who are the two balls of light and why did their presence end with the death of Nora Allen?

The next big question comes from the last scenes of the pilot. Who the heck is Harrison Wells? As far as we can tell, he has no history in the DC Universe. What is his purpose here with Barry Allen in Central City? Is he from the future, or just equipped with the technology to keep up with Breaking News from 2024? We want to know your theories and speculations!
As for the rest of our discussion, here are some of our conversation topics:
– Word overlays at the crime scene Barry inspects
– Confusion about the timelines with the crossover
– The music/soundtrack (including Lady Gaga, unfortunately)
– Keystone… Parallel universe, or this universe?
– The Easter eggs! (including Grodd, Ferris Air…)
– Similarities to Smallville, questions about meta-humans

We apologize if your feedback wasn’t included in this episode of Central City Underground. The recording window for this week was very tight, but we are going to make every effort to include as much feedback as possible in every transmission! Thank you, thank you for contributing.


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