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In this very special edition of Central City Underground, we had the pleasure of chatting with Chad Rook who is set to guest star in the pilot episode of The Flash (airing October 8, by the way). Chad will be portraying Clyde Mardon, aka Weather Wizard, and he has a lot of fantastic things to say not only about the show itself and the creative team involved in making it happen, but also about the comic universe and how he came to undertake the role of Barry Allen’s first villainy foe.

Chad has a number of projects going on right now, and a lot more in the pipeline. When his acting career didn’t take off at the velocity he would have preferred, he began creating his own characters and directing his own projects. To learn more about these projects, we encourage you to visit his website and follow him on Twitter. Chad loves keeping up with fans and is as excited for the show to begin as we are!

Next week we’ll be back with an official episode review of the pilot, now titled “City of Heroes”. Conversations are always happening on Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to connect with us and other fans there. Share what you’re learning about Flash news and throw down some theories, enlighten us with your comic book knowledge. We love it! To have your own voice played on the show, use the SpeakPipe widget on our blog page or go to and drop us a beat.


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