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In this transmission of Underground Radio, Miss Ice and The Shadow watched the DC Comics animated film entitled Flashpoint Paradox, the film that kicked off the New 52 comic series. We start with our initial reactions to the movie, but very quickly dive into discussing the logistics of time travel and the relevant paradoxes that are at play.

Our discussion starts off a little timey whimey, but there is an interesting discrepancy that holds our attention for a great deal of the conversation. The movie, at large, was entertaining, but we struggled with seeing how the events actually came about to provoke the events that occur when Barry wakes up at his keyboard in the alternate timeline. Both Barry and Zoom are aware of the previous timeline, while Barry must adjust to the new timeline, it seems as though Zoom is well-immersed.

So firstly, does a future version of Barry go into the past and alter the timeline? Secondly, if Zoom is telling the truth and Barry did save his mother and change the timeline, how is he aware of that? And thirdly–yeah, we just got stuck on the how-does-Zoom-know thing.

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