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Since Miss Ice was released from jail, she’s been a bit skittish. She mistook our guest host this week for a lurking villain when all he was trying to do was navigate the complex underground infrastructure of Central City! The Flash joins The Shadow and Miss Ice in the latest transmission of Central City Underground and they have a rockin’ good time! That’s right, this was a FANversation.

As a long time listener of Arrow Squad and a very active member of the Arrow community, it was our pleasure to talk with The Flash about where his interest in the comic book character began, how it evolved, and what draws him in most about the guy. He shares some of the highlights for him about The Flash universe, as well as some things he’s hesitant about in the CW’s upcoming television show.

The Flash gave us a very good piece of advice, and that was to GO WATCH Flashpoint Paradox. This DC animated movie is pretty mature, but gives a great account of The Flash’s backstory, his relationship with Reverse Flash, and could lend us some clues about possible tie-ins to the show. This is our homework assignment for next week! We will be watching this movie and giving our review of it. To participate in the conversation and provide your own review or thoughts on the movie or its tie-ins to the show, please visit our feedback page and drop us some lines or upload an audio file. You can also use Speakpipe, which is found on that same page or on the page where this blog post originates.

In our conversation about Harrison Wells, Miss Ice mentions a Reddit post that she found while snooping around on the character. Do you have any thoughts or theories about this? We’d LOVE to hear them!


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