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The rogue agents of truth are back! We, The Shadow and Miss Ice, were able to successfully complete a second transmission and have it here, recorded for you, in case you weren’t able to tap into the right frequency when we hijacked the Central City Police Department’s dispatch radio. In case it was unclear from their first transmission, this is a podcast dedicated to the upcoming television show The Flash on The CW, kicking off Tuesday October 7, 2014 at 8/7C.

In this episode of Central City Underground, we talk explain what exactly it is we are trying to do with the underground theme, in case it needs explanation, and give our TOP FIVE reasons The Flash is worth a chance. (CAUTION: There will be spoilers, but we will warn in advance so if you don’t want to hear specifics about the Pilot, be listening for when to tune out.) PLUS! We get an encoded message from the first (of hopefully many!) freaked out citizens wondering who in the world they can trust. Are you like False Tympanic, wondering who to trust? We have a couple suggestions.

This format of podcasting is purely for entertainment, which is why we want your help! Every week we’re preparing a different intro/outro, something that will tie into what we are talking about or that just seems like fun! And in order to maximize our potential, we want you to help us record. If you are interested in being a voice in the intro/outro segment of our podcast, this is what I want you to do:

  1. Look for the button on this page that says SEND A VOICE MESSAGE
  2. Record yourself speaking like an announcer, a police officer, a radio MC, or whatever character you want to put yourself into. Below I transcribed the script from our first transmission. If you don’t know what to say, read the Announcer’s part!
  3. Send it on!

What I will then do is try to write an intro that fits your voice, then get in touch with you to record the intro/outro segment. When you send us a voice message, be sure to tell us how to get in touch with you! And if you have ideas for what station or frequency we should hijack next, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Hit us up in the comments section below or send feedback through the page linked above.

Special thanks to Michael “Arm Fall Off Boy” Ahr for recording the intro/outro segments in this episode! You can catch him over at the Dark Matter (An Extant) podcast.

Script Fragment for Recording

You are listening to 1220 AM WCCU Radio, your home for the latest news in Central City! S.T.A.R. Labs continues to assure the public that nothing went wrong during the alleged explosion 2 weeks ago and that it was all part of the experiment. Ferris Air, on the other hand, denounced the S.T.A.R. Labs incident as careless and unprepared. In other news, a former Iron Heights guest shares his story of his time in prison.


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