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The Shadow and Miss Ice have gone underground! In episode 0 of Central City Underground, the two rogue citizens of Central City manage to hijack 1220 AM WCCU radio in order to get the word out about strange goings-on in the aftermath of the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion.

In this exclusive recording, listen to them explain who they are, what their mission objective is, and their story about strange encounters with seemingly impossible circumstances! There is something big brewing in Central City and they want to make sure people know that there is a place to go for the real news. No sugar coating. No coverups. That is the CCU guarantee.

Shadow and Miss Ice ask that you send in your sightings of the strange and bizarre happenings in Central City! They need you to be their eyes and ears out there to spread awareness. To do this, please subject written or recorded information to our CCU Hotline (click that link!). Or you can call our secured voicemail line at 304-837-2278.

They’ll be back soon, hijacking the airwaves somewhere and somehow to bring updates on the electrifying events going on in Central City!


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