CRZ07 – S01E05 – Harvest

CRZ07 – S01E05 – Harvest

It was a Harvest of pain, regret and suffering in Castle Rock this week. The Kid is free from prison, but is the town reaping a harvest of pain because of it? Henry and Alan come to peace with each other as Ruth reaps the harvest of living in the Rock for too long. Read more…

CRZ04 – S01E02 – Habeas Corpus

CRZ04 – S01E02 – Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus helped us start the decent into the mysteries of Castle Rock. Dale has a mission from God to save the Rock. Henry sees how much the town has changed. Molly is tied into it all in ways even her family cannot understand. Will we make it out alive and sane? Read more…

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