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Canceling Brer Rabbit

by Mouse House Weekly | Golden Spiral Media

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Splash Mountain is getting a retheme! In this week’s episode, Blake and JJ are joined by fellow Mouse House Weekly member Bryce, to discuss the recent news of Splash Mountain being rethemed as Princess and the Frog at both Disneyland and Disney World parks. They discuss the history of both the ride and the controversial film it is based on, thoughts on the retheme, any ideas for the ride, and even other rides that have had to change in the past and some that may need some change. Before getting to the main topic, they also discuss some other Disney news, like Disney Channels being shut down in the UK and Disneyland’s reopening being delayed. You can find Disneyland cast member Frederick Chamber’s ideas for the retheme here.

Wanna share your thoughts on the new retheme? Do you think that there are any other Disney attractions that should be changed or rethemed? Let us know by reaching out to us!

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