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Good things come to those who wait, even if you are the Snow Queen.  She can finally  “ Smash the Mirror ” and cast a spell on Storybrooke to turn everyone against each other.  But first, we are taken back to Arendelle where the Snow Queen makes a deal with the Apprentice.  In exchange for the Sorcerer’s hat, the Sorcerer must give the Snow Queen a magical “sister” to join her family.  The Snow Queen’s wish for a 3rd magical family member was almost disrupted when Emma turned to Rumplestiltskin to help her get rid of her powers.  Luckily, Elsa was there to stop Emma in time and the Snow Queen was able to bind the three of them with the yellow ribbons her and her sisters once had.  Will the yellow ribbons be strong enough to bind them together? Was Emma worth the wait?

Even though Rumple’s plan did not go as expected, he was still able to take something from Hook which is a key piece in getting what he wants. Hook has no choice now but to help Rumple with his plans. In Operation Mongoose, Robin found a duplicate page that indicates Regina’s potential for a happy ending.  What does this mean for the book?  Is there another book out there?  Tune in as we discuss theories and more.

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Watch deleted scene – Elsa talks to Snow about the gloves

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