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The Spell of Shattered Sight will “ Fall ” unto Storybrooke by sunset but not without a fight.  Now that the spell has begun, we see Anna, Kristoff and Hans become unfrozen from the spell that the Snow Queen cast almost 30 years ago.  Hans still has plans to take over Arendelle and tries to capture Anna and Kristoff who escape in search of Elsa.  Along their journey, they seek Blackbeard who has other plans for them.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Belle and the fairies work on a counter spell only to be stopped by Hook.  Anna and Kristoff find a way out of their predicament and are finally reunited with Elsa.  But, their happy reunion is cut short as the Spell of Shattered Sight is about to hit Storybrooke with no counter spell to fight it.  Will their preparations be enough to help them fight the spell? Fall and tune in as we discuss theories and more.

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