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‘Enter the Dragon’ and let the games begin.  As Regina goes undercover to find out what the Queens of Darkness are up to, she must gain their trust first.  A game of chicken called “Don’t be a Hero” only proves that Regina does not want to die.  Instead she offers a different kind of fun: drinking, burning and destruction.  This is not enough to gain their trust.  Regina’s true test is given by Maleficent: to kidnap Pinocchio.  This puts Regina in a great predicament because she made amends with Marco only to now steal his son away and hand him over to the villains.  But, if Regina fails this test, then she will never prove to the Queens that she is on their side. How far will Regina go as she struggles with her own redemption and proving her worth to the Queens?

History shows that Regina and Maleficent do share some kind of bond.  Frustrated with Rumple’s teaching, Regina was ready to seek out a new teacher in Maleficent.  But, to her surprise, when she met Maleficent, she was not the powerful villain she had anticipated.  Maleficent was drunk, hopeless, without any powers and had given up on her revenge on King Stephan. Regina wanted to ignite that fire, that dragon within but it was no use.  Even the news of Aurora’s wedding did not bring Maleficent back.  Regina convinced Maleficent that the burning tree was the key to getting her powers back and she was right.  It was not until they were captured by King Stephan and his men that Maleficent was put to the test and the dragon was unleashed.  Regina brought Maleficent back to who she was.  With her new found powers, Maleficent finds Aurora and puts the sleeping curse on her which inspires Regina. There is a better way for revenge than death.  With that said, what plan does Maleficent have in store for Snow and Charming?

Back in Storybrooke, all the pieces are coming together for the villains.  Thanks to Regina, the villains now have Pinocchio and Rumple, once again, was able to trick Belle into giving him the dagger.  Disguised as Hook, Belle entrusted him in hiding the dagger.  Belle had a feeling that Rumple was in town.  “Hook” convinced her to summon Rumple but he did not appear.  Little did she know, Rumple was already right in front of her as Hook.  Now that Rumple has the dagger, they are one step closer to finding the Author.  Rumple uses the dagger to turn Pinocchio into August in hopes that he would remember where the Author could be.  Who will Regina side with now?  How can she play both sides without getting caught or ruining her own happy ending?  Tune in as we discuss theories and more.


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