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Seeing the world through shattered sight has brought out the worst in everyone in Storybrooke.  It has been a long time since we saw Regina get evil and who would have thought that Snow and Charming can be mean to one another.  With everyone fighting, Emma and Elsa are left on their own to find a way to break the spell.  But, if the only way to break the spell is to kill the Snow Queen, could Emma really do it?  After all, Emma and the Snow Queen share fond memories except Emma doesn’t have any recollection of them.  Will the Snow Queen finally get what she’s always wanted – a family that loves her?

One plan may be shattered but another one remains.  Rumple’s plan must go on and there is no one stopping him.  Poor Hook is still “hooked” to Rumple’s every demand.  Will he ever be free or is this the beginning of his demise?  What will become of Storybrooke when Rumple’s plan begins?  Tune in as we discuss theories and more of the episode ‘Shattered Sight’.

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