Welcome to Berserker Cast! If you’ve landed on this page, we assume you are a fan of the TNT show Falling Skies, or perhaps curious as to what exactly this new podcast is that Golden Spiral Media is producing. For the first time in GSM’s existence, a podcast will jump into a show after its pilot episode.

There is a really good reason for this.  Honestly.

Last summer, Darrell and Emilee co-hosted the TV Talk show for Falling Skies, but as the podcast network chose not to pick up the show in its fourth season, the hosts needed an outlet to carry on the work they had begun. It seemed like a no-brainer that they should continue, and luckily Darrell’s ownership of GSM gave them full reign to do whatever they want! In all seriousness, the two hosts are enthusiastic about the show and are eager to be part of the discussion.

In episode 00, Darrell and Emilee introduce themselves, give a brief rundown of the premise of Falling Skies, share a lot of thoughts over what makes this show interesting to them and cap it all off with some of what they are looking forward to in season four. This is a podcast introduction episode of the Berserker Cast, but the hosts are excited to share that on June 17, one week before the season four premiere, they will be interviewing Todd Masters of MastersFX as well as recapping season three. Stay tuned for meaty material headed your way!

They want to hear your thoughts on each episode of Falling Skies! Whether it’s by bird, plane, or pirate ship, send in your thoughts, analyses, or questions and they’ll discuss them on-air. Follow Golden Spiral Media and Emilee on Twitter, or become a fan of Golden Spiral Media on Facebook, to keep up to date on all the new material from the Berserker Cast!

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