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In episode 14 of Berserker Cast we take a long hard look at the finale episode of season 4 of Falling Skies before speculating on just what the writers have in store for us next season! So much happens in this finale, we see the skitterization machine put into effect against the 2nd Mass, we see Tom take down Scorch, and we see Lexi take one for humanity (or…does she?).

The mysterious fog substance that flowed out of the skitterization machine (we need a better name for this… Flower Pod? Fog Egg?) reinforced this idea that the humans have reached a point of helplessness on earth. They need to stretch beyond their limits in order to bring the Espheni reign of terror to an end. Emilee compares the creatures coming out of the pod to a 500 million year old, Cambrian-era creature we know of only through the fossils they’ve left behind, Burgess Shale (see picture to right; source). The show she references that brought her to this creature is called Primeval (she highly recommends you check it out!).

The most intriguing questions arise in the final minutes of the episode. Did Lexi die while sacrificing herself for the human race? Will the Volm return to help the humans wipe out the Espheni? And what race of aliens picked up Tom as he torpedoed out of the Earth’s orbit? There are some very, very interesting theories posed by listeners that you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for. Leave your own theories in the comments!

Thank you for listening to this season of Berserker Cast! We can’t wait to come back for one last final hurrah and see how the humans become the most dominant race in the galaxy! Right?! That will totally happen. We’re confident. Sort of.

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