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In episode 13 of Berserker Cast we talk about the penultimate season 4 episode “Space Oddity” which consists of Lexi’s plea to take Ben’s place on the mission to the moon with Tom. We discuss our perceptions of Lexi, whether we believe her or not, and how that ebbed and flowed as the episode went on. Did you find it easy or difficult to trust Lexi?

Despite being rather relaxed on the action front, this episode helped to really draw out the human in Lexi and reveal the scared little girl inside of her that was finally yearning for her father. As she begins to understand what it means to be human, she begins to change and behave differently and even become a daughter to her father. Watching that relationship develop was certainly one of our favorite parts of the episode.

This show has used dream sequences more than most and we think that they’ve about used their quota for a show’s run. That being said, Lexi’s suggestion of cocooning them both in order to save life support was, indeed, what saved them. Had it been Ben on that mission, both men would have perished and the mission failed. Tom, the ever vigilant civil servant, fought against the defenses his daughter erected in their dream state, but in the end comes around to seeing through the facade Lexi constructed. It makes for quite a practical lesson in forgiveness and empathy.

Because our discussion on the two-part season finale ran so long, episode 13 covers only Space Oddity. Watch for episode 14 “Shoot The Moon” to come out the day following this one! Thanks for tuning in. Try not to get carried off by aliens!

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