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In this very special edition of Berserker Cast we had the honor and the pleasure of speaking with Doug Jones, whom we all know best right now as Cochise on Falling Skies! His resume is expansive and colorful, embodying quite well the man himself. But we had a chance to lift up the foam mask and talk with the man who brings other-worldly creatures to life.

We spend a great deal of time discussing Cochise and his role on Falling Skies, how Doug got involved in the project, and what he perceives the Volm’s role to be in the current season of the show. And, speaking of Volm, Doug tells us that he is the only one on set who can pronounce every Volm name that has so far been proffered up! And then he does it! Several times!

Overall, this interview was everything we could have wanted out of an actor on one of our favorite shows. Doug is friendly, engaging, and a passionate, method actor with an incredible sense of humor. Wherever he goes after Falling Skies, we shall surely follow!

And, don’t worry, there are no spoilers for the rest of the season. He was very careful.

You can find Doug just about everywhere in social media. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Facebook. He’s everywhere!

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