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In episode 10 of Berserker Cast, which is technically episode 9 of season 4 of Falling Skies, we spend a lot of time talking about the state of the relationships of a lot of the main characters. With an increase in action in the last few episodes, this episode felt like a way to calm things down right before another big fight.

But while tensions are easing between Tom and Anne, culminating in their punctual nuptials, the same cannot be said for Hal and Maggie, nor Pope and Sara. Tom and Anne give us the seasoned, adult version of talking through arguments while Hal demonstrates the emotional hurt more reflective of his age in how he informs his brother that he witnessed the kiss. We talk about what implications the spikes have on Ben and Maggie’s relationship with each other, with Hal, and with the Espheni on a larger scale. How intimately are they connected?

Almost immediately into the episode, Tom delivers his version of President Kennedy’s 1962 “We’re going to the moon” speech (and does it brilliantly, we might add). So there is no mistaking what is actually intended with the alien spacecraft they’ve stumbled upon. Whether this is going to be a remake of Independence Day, or they’re planning something different, we’ll have to wait and see. What interests us in particular requires those of you reading or listening who are old enough to either remember Kennedy’s speech or at least old enough to have heard stories of your parents talking about it. What was the vibe back at the time? Did it seem as absurd to the American people for man to go to the moon as it seems to the 2nd Mass as Tom declared the same? We want to know! Send us your thoughts by going to our feedback page!

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