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In episode 9 of Berserker Cast, Emilee has a difficult task. She must convince Darrell that this episode didn’t totally suck. And, indeed, by the end of their conversation Darrell raised his rating from a 6 to a 7.5 (which, Emilee reminds us, is a pretty normal rating for her). From Emily Dickinson to Dante, Emilee draws in some literary parallels that were significant to her, while still joining in with some of Darrell’s nitpicks about things that seemed a bit forced.

The least favorite part of this episode was definitely the Pope/Sara scenes, and yet through those scenes we get to see a very different side of Pope that really seems to be changing him. Almost as though he’s caring about the 2nd Mass because he wants Sara to.

More thought-provoking aspects to the episode include the discussion of Espheni technology, including the beamer, the creature that wedged itself into Tom’s arm, the spike transplants, and the return of the odd, green light on the moon! What is the connection between the beamer and the light on the moon? And how will Maggie now having three of Ben’s spikes affect her relationship with the brothers?

Dante's InfernoBefore recording, regular contributor Barb emailed the hosts with a picture that seemed to her very close to the scene we witness Lexi and Ben looking out over (image to right). That torture chamber, which is either evolution or genocide, depending on which side of the line you are on, really does look a lot like this representation of Dante’s Inferno, don’t you think?

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