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In episode 8 of Berserker Cast we waste no time jumping into the escalating events of Lexi’s haven-no-more. Now out of her cocoon, Lexi denounces the human race and leaves, killing a fan favorite in the process, and the 2nd Mass lays vulnerable to approaching Espheni forces. While Tom and Anne try to juggle the changes occurring in their daughter against the reality that is her total and inevitable betrayal, Hal takes a journey of his own–again–and comes around to seeing things his father’s way.

Throughout the discussion we continually come back to Lexi’s evolving biology and mental state. When, if ever, do Tom and Anne draw the line? When does Lexi stop being a Mason? We also talk about the forever rotating family paradigm that the 2nd Mass has undergone over the last four seasons and how we are to apply that to characters like Lexi or Pope or Sara.

Sadly, we also say goodbye to a several beloved characters and pay homage to the last “Tick tick BOOM!” from Tector and find out from other listeners who they’ll miss most (and who they most want offed next!). Seems like the general consensus is that this episode was one of the favorites of the season and the directing was a large part of that. As mentioned at the top of the show, this is the blog post concerning the director, Olatunde Osuname.

We’re over halfway through the season! So hard to believe. But it’s not too late to provide some additional analysis, thoughts or predictions, or frustrations with the show! Call 304-837-2278 and leave us a voicemail, or go to our Feedback page and write us an email or upload an audio file!

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