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In episode 7 of Berserker Cast, we discuss the midpoint of season 4 of Falling Skies entitled “Door Number Three”. Is Lexi human (door number one)? Is Lexi an Espheni (door number two)? Or… what is behind door number three? The common feeling from us and other listeners is that Lexi is attempting to be both human and Espheni, not to destroy one or the other, but to unite the races. This is the front that the re-education camps are promoting, but based off of sinister conversations held by Scorch and Monk, we don’t think Lexi has been quite given all the details.

After expressing how relieved we are that the Masons are reunited with one another at long last–and Anne, if you don’t count her as a Mason yet–we dive right into the very intense, and tense, happenings in the episode.

See that thing? There is some heavy moon imagery in this episode. The picture you see here is a screen capture from early in the episode when Hal asks Dingaan if he saw something. Weird, huh? What is your theory?

The next image is the painting above Lexi’s bed. As mentioned on the podcast, this is a painting by Noel Nicolas Coypel from 1727 and is one of the many various interpretations of the Rape of Europa. The Rape of Europa The version described in the podcast is loosely based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, an epic(ly long) poem about many various changes characters from Greek Mythology undergo.

What else? Oh, yeah. The babysitter. Isn’t there a movie called Attack of the Babysitter? Or My Babysitter’s An Alien? Jessy Schram returns as Karen for Anne’s flashbacks and, you know what, we’re OK with that! All her damage is in the past and finally it’s good to see that face back on screen. Bad Influence

Sort of.




Send in your feedback each week and join us for the live show TUESDAYS at 8/7C. Can’t wait for more alien drama!

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