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In episode 6 of Berserker Cast we talk a lot about how we perceived this episode to fit into the whole of the season. Season four will have a total of 12 episodes, which is 2 more than the previous three seasons, and yet this episode seemed very much like a “filler” episode. It is difficult for both of us to find much fault in the writing itself, because even with slower paced episodes there is a lot of good writing within, but we can’t help to feel like there is something big coming and they’re drawing it out in order for each character to get into a perfect spot before uniting them all again.

When the episode opens, Tom, Weaver and Matt have traveled three days without food. Matt seems off, and in light of his recent imprisonment it isn’t all that strange. Questions arise again from feedbackers and from our discussion about whether there is some foreshadowing going on for Ben’s fate and the possibility of Matt being involved in his fate. We also see another aspect to the show’s family theme through the brothers we are introduced to. Blood might mean they’re related, Tom tells Matt, but that doesn’t make them family. With the recent death of Jeannie and the ever growing relationship between Matt and Weaver, particularly in this episode, it seems like this distinction is going to be more important than ever for the second half of the season.

What was very curious to both of us was Lexi’s reaction to her own power. After she puts the chokehold on Anne, does it seem to you like she tried to draw back and was unable to? One feedbacker thinks her powers are maturing each week, growing stronger the more she uses them and, building on that, Emilee drew a parallel to Olivia in season four of Fringe being activated by Bell in order to become the power source for his brave new world. Lexi appears to be a willing component to Monk’s plans, but are her powers out of her control because of a human immaturity or an alien plan to drain her humanity from her? Or both??

We always are interested to hear your thoughts on any episode of Falling Skies or on points of our discussions. Or on random, beautiful thoughts that pop into your head at any time of the day. Please use our handy-dandy feedback page or call our voicemail line at 304-837-2278. Be sure you designate that you’re leaving feedback for Berserker Cast! Thank you for listening!

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