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In episode 5 of Berserker Cast we found it a little difficult to keep our discussions of all the groups separate! Finally we’re seeing some reunions across the board that are bringing our big family back together and we love it! Even though Tom and Weaver have split from Hal, they’ve reunited with Matt and, in exchange, Hal is on his way to be reunited with Ben, Maggie, Anne and the Loyal Followers of Lexi Glass-Mason. We know better than to hope for a long-term reunion, but we at least know things will be coming to a head. Even gauging the reaction Anne had to the news Lexi is meeting privately with the Espheni, what will Tom’s reaction be like?

One of the most interesting developments was the addition of Mira Sorvina as Sara, the Female Pope. Without the other Berserkers, Pope seems to be an island. Sara’s entrance quite possibly means a romance, but we can only hope it’ll be for the best. If they get too friendly, they might have to be careful that their own child will meet the same fate as Lexi.

Speaking of Lexi, we get some much needed confirmation (by which I mean, we didn’t really need it) that the Espheni have evil in their hearts. That was some incredible Steven Spielberg flair at the end when Geminus and Scorch communicate through what seemed to be dirt from the earth. Where do you think they were meeting? Was it some place they crafted in their minds or was it their home planet? We toss around some theories of our own, but would love to know what yours are! Go to our feedback page and you’ll have the option to submit a voice feedback (either record on Speak Pipe or upload an audio file) or send us an email.

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