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In episode 4 of Berserker Cast, we once again break down our discussion by talking about each different group separated by the events of the premiere. Tom and his group have come up with a plan to not just escape, but to break down the enemy’s fence trapping them all inside the ghetto. The plan itself seems too well conceived and planned out for it to go smoothly, however, and we talk about the various obstacles the characters encounter as they try to follow through on the elaborate plan. Plus, where do they go next? And what did Weaver see in the woods?

Anne’s group, while once again given very little screen time, fulfilled their goal of finding Lexi. The last leg of that journey is mysterious, though. What about that dream Anne had? Was it a memory, or a symbolic nightmare? Both of us thought it was weird that Anne seemed so out of it when she passed out, and when she awoke she seemed perfectly fine. What does that mean?

Speaking of Lexi… None of us can blame Maggie for how she reacted to Ben’s reveal of Lexi meeting with the Overlord, but what struck us both so strangely is that Lexi’s followers have seemed to accept anything that Lexi represents, even if that means she is meeting with an Espheni. Darrell brings up the idea that Lexi may be brainwashing these followers in yet another way, and we speculate on what that means now that Anne has been brought back into the fold.

Last, but not least, we finally get some movement and intrigue on Matt’s story. Matt does have a plan—we can all breathe a sigh of relief—and yet he still takes the fall for his girlfriend. How will this impact Cochise’s ability to rescue him? Hopefully next week we will see a lot of Cochise and a lot of brainwashed Hitler Youth waking up.

We want to hear from YOU about each new episode of Falling Skies. You know how Dingaan said the faraday suit would only last them 90 seconds? We found this to be a bit of a plot point (contrived fact). If you have any knowledge on to why this might be a legitimate drawback to the suit, we’d love to hear your expertise! Go to our feedback page and you’ll have the option to submit a voice feedback (either record on Speak Pipe or upload an audio file) or send us an email.

Check out our other podcasts! The season premiere of Extant is on Wednesday July 9, which means Mike and Dave will be around later this week to talk about it on their brand new podcast Dark Matter. Don’t miss a thing!

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