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In episode 3 of Berserker Cast, we zero in on what is going on with each group divided by the events of the season 4 premiere. Some very interesting and important information came to light from the Overlord overseeing the gulag where Tom, Weaver, Hal and Tector are being kept. What does this mean for the resistance? What do the Espheni have planned for the humans?

The groups have begun to overlap in subtle ways, too, and we discuss what implications these overlaps have for those affected. Now that Anne knows her daughter is being called a hybrid, how will that influence her decisions? We also talk about how Lexi is handling her rapid aging and what that might mean from a physical and psychological standpoint.

We want to hear from YOU about each new episode of Falling Skies. One thing of particular interest to us this week is what was going on with Lexi’s blood after Dr. Kadar drew it from her arm. Why was it bubbling? If you have any expertise, or any theories, it is super easy to get in touch with us. Go to our feedback page and you’ll have the option to submit a voice feedback (either record on Speak Pipe or upload an audio file) or send us an email.

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