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And they’re back! Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass returned in full force with the June 22 premiere of Falling Skies season 4 entitled “Ghost in the Machine”. If you missed the explosive start to the new season, you’re going to want to watch before tuning into Darrell and Emilee talk about the episode. There’s a lot to sort through in the premiere, and as seems to be normal with television, for as many answers as we got still more questions were raised.

When we rejoin the 2nd Mass, they are returning from Boston at the end of a 20 day journey. It isn’t long before the happy family is split up again and we find ourselves jumping between the different groups that have had to survive for four months in their respective environments. Darrell and Emilee break it all down, though, and beginning with Tom, Weaver, Hal, Tector and Pope in the Espheni-reinforced gulag, they move through each group, discussing the harsh new reality, what the Espheni have planned for the humans, and theorizing about how the disparate family units will find their way back to one another.

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