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Welcome Arrow Squad! In the appropriately titled episode “The Return”, season 3 episode 14 of Arrow saw the return of old characters, including Tommy Merlyn from season 1 and, more notoriously, season 2’s big bad Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson. The episode title probably also refers to Oliver returning to Lian Yu in the present, and returning to Starling City in his flashbacks. There is just a lot of returning going on! While Slade Wilson causes problems for the Quintessential Queens on Lian Yu, Tommy proves to be very big-brotherly to a wayward Thea in Starling City (which we get to see because Olvier has added creepy stalker to his skillset).

Because of all of the moving parts, and because we wanted to, we’ve assembled the podcast trio (The Triumvirate!!!!). Podcast Overlord, The Shadow and Miss Ice discuss the Starling City focused flashbacks, the island challenges for the Queen siblings as well as some very raw discussions between Lance family members. We all agreed that this wasn’t the most exciting episode of the season, but it was filled with great character development.

One of the questions we returned to often during our discussion was what fears both Thea and Oliver conquered on Lian Yu, exactly. The end of the previous episode indicated that they were headed back to the island in order to work out the kinks, but as The Shadow said, those kinks weren’t really addressed. What do you think the Queen siblings were each trying to work through on the island? Do you agree with our analysis?

Question of the Week!
How and when will Laurel find out about how Sara died?

We love hearing your thoughts and theories about each episode! Whether you want to answer the question of the week or want to respond to something we mentioned on the podcast, you can get in touch with us by using Golden Spiral Media’s feedback page. Here you can record an audio message, write an email, or upload an audio file of your own.

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