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Happy Summer Arrow Squad! Podcast Overlord, The Shadow and myself, Miss Ice, hop behind the mic for the first installment of Arrow Squad’s summer programming. Because we haven’t met certain milestones on Patreon, we cannot commit to a weekly summer podcast, but we are excited to bring you episodes here and there when we find some fun content to talk about. Our first objective is reflection! The finale aired five weeks ago, and now, with the summer sun beating down on our backs, we look back and offer some reflection and summer news.

In this episode of Arrow Squad we play some transmissions from members of the Arrow Squad (including the story behind the image used for this week’s blog post! You definitely want to stay tuned for Leigh’s contribution), we take a look back at season three of Arrow and talk about what we’d like to see change for the upcoming Arrow season. We also throw out a lot of news about what is coming down the pipe in the DC world, in the Arrow Squad world, and in the Arrow world, specifically! If you’ve got news to share, be sure you’re part of our incredible Facebook community and feel free to post away! (Links to our social media are on the blog post page at

Question of the Week
Who the frak is going to DragonCon??

We are starting to assemble a list of people who are seriously interested in attending DragonCon this summer and attending an Arrow Squad meetup. If you would like to be kept in the loop of ongoing DragonCon planning and meetups, please let us know either by email or through our Facebook page!

Arrow Squad has been granted a live podcast recording session at 10 a.m. on the Sunday of DragonCon. Stay tuned for more information!

I mean… Links…

Arrow’s Stephen Amell Drops Season 4 Hint: Is This What Brings Oliver Back? via TV Line

Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show (A Documentary)

Are you interested in guesting on Arrow Squad this summer? Let us know! We’d like to line up a couple shows featuring the voices of our listeners. Send us an email, post in our Facebook group, send a carrier pigeon… Don’t be shy!

We listen and read every piece of feedback that comes our way. If you’ve got something on your mind or would like to respond to anything on any podcast, please, please visit our Feedback page!

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