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Welcome back, Arrow Squad! Podcast Overlord, The Shadow and I, Miss Ice, are back to discuss Season 3 Episode 20 entitled, “The Fallen”, which aired on April 22, 2015. This episode was an emotional one, and we did our best to encapsulate all of the heavy moments by masking our pain in humor and inappropriately timed jokes. But, in all seriousness, we finally got the chance to fawn over our total love and adoration for this show because of its concise plot and perfectly timed moments.

One Life for Another
Im So Lonely
There are too many intense, emotional scenes in this episode to talk about them all, but I did want to re-iterate the fantastic acting that went into the first couple minutes of this episode. Until Malcolm arrives at the hospital, Stephen Amell was alone in both finding Thea and discovering that she may never wake up from the intensive surgery she underwent. This is not the Oliver Queen we met way back in the pilot, he’s not even the same Oliver Queen that went to retrieve Thea from Corto Maltese. This is an Oliver Queen who has been broken in by love, who has allowed himself to feel more than anger and hatred and pride, and has developed a genuine drive for doing the right thing.

It is so interesting that even though Oliver is struggling with his identity, what has grounded him in the last dozen episodes are the people closest to him. He does what he does to protect the people he loves, and that means, in this episode, giving up his life for that of his sister’s. One life for another. And for many. One life for many. I don’t want to start spiritualizing this choice he makes, but Oliver knew that even if he went ahead and let Thea die, not taking her to the Pit, Ra’s would not stop. He would come back for every single person in his life and the people close to him would continue to die. Oliver made this choice to save and protect them all, not just to save Thea (though it was a pretty big incentive).

Tattoo Anyone?
1) So the TV show LOGO is the symbol of the League of Assassins?! Is that what we’re to understand?
2) You know people are going to get this tattoo. In the exact same spot.

Question[s] of the Week
This episode didn’t leave us with much of a cliff-hanger, so we’re just asking that you send in general thoughts about the episode! If you need a little prompting, chew on this one:

Was the Olicity moment a one-and-done tryst, or will there be more to come?

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Every week we are amazed and impressed by the insights and theories of the members of the Arrow Squad community! We welcome everyone to send in reactions to anything Arrow related, regardless of when the thought occurs! We listen and read everything, but we will include only the most relevant listener feedback on the next episode. To have yours included on the podcast, please submit feedback by 8/7C on Thursdays following a new episode. Visit our feedback page to upload an audio file, record a SpeakPipe message, or write in feedback.

There are THREE episodes of Arrow season 3 remaining! Next week is episode 21 and is entitled “Al Sah-him”.

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